Blindfolds Aside

Choices made without reason are akin to the absence of strategies in war. Playing chess blindfolded is not advice we would care to heed. Being fueled by instinct and emotion alone is an end game that needs no prediction.

Just, Before Dark

Doing good work all day is half the battle. Reflecting each night on the work we’ve done and considering how we can do it better is the real work! If we constantly use our nights to be unjust, working hard only to feed our vices, we are missing the mark – aiming to be just, but only before dark.


Smiling when life is good is equivalent to a shopping spree when we have a little extra money in the bank. It’s nice, but neither are a measure of true wealth. Wealth is defined as “an abundance of valuable possessions or money.” However, the most valuable “possessions” are not material; they are “things” such as integrity, courage, reason, choice, kindness, compassion, and empathy. A smile is a wonderful asset, and holds even greater value when possessed and proudly displayed by those looking up from the ground.

Old New Friends

Make time for old friends when the common goal is to make new memories. Draw upon your history to share a quick smile and to consider the skins you’ve shed. Longing for the past is a sure sign that you’re still trying to become the person you were.

Contingency Plan

If we were all to live each day as though our lives depended on it, the world would benefit. We wouldn’t waste our time being offended, realizing that nothing can offend us if we choose not to be offended. If we gave ultimate power to our reasoned choice opposed to our fragile egos, we would truly understand that time wasted is not a renewable resource.


Wishes, hopes and dreams are phantom limbs. No quantity of them will ever produce anything tangible; like seeds on barren soil. However, the same energy spent on wishing, hoping and dreaming put into working and doing will produce results. Even if they are not ideal, they exist, and therefore can be examined and improved upon. If you are surrounded by those that hold so firm to hope their eyes are clenched to reality, hoping they will open their eyes is your own wrongdoing.

Uniform Judgment

I’m in a restaurant. At a large round table off in the corner I see a goth, a jock, a nerd, a priest, a rabbi, a drag queen, a cowboy, a lawyer, a politician, a philosopher, a psychologist, a blind woman, a deaf child, a hippie, a hipster, a disabled veteran, a black teenager, a police officer, a musician, and a biker all sitting together. Who is the most judgmental person in this scenario?

Based on the information provided: it’s me! Why? Because other than using my eyes I have no other data than my perception. My perception is not a truth. I have not heard anyone speak. I am an unreliable narrator in this scenario. Based on the 20 descriptors given, you may have even found yourself beginning to make assumptions about how the people mentioned might behave. You may even be assuming that there were 20 people at this table, ignoring the fact that one person alone may be accounting for multiple attributes.

However, we know nothing about their character. Our eyes may foolishly believe we know these people, and if we allow our sight alone to be judge and jury before any actions or behaviors are presented, we are doing no one, ourselves included, any justice in this scenario. Actions and behaviors determine the nature of one’s character: not a uniform.