The Dead Language of Letters

What angers us and frustrates us is predictable. Take a page from Abraham Lincoln’s practice of writing letters to people who upset him or he passionately disagreed with, yet had the presence of mind to never send. In order to get past intense emotions we cannot choose to ignore them. We must first choose to honor them, sit with them as a means of better understanding their origin. Then, we have the choice of how to proceed. Better to lash out in an unsent letter than spending our days living with the fallout of our irrational emotional responses.

Lose Your Illusion

It must take great effort to maintain a disingenuous public image. Think of how much stress and anxiety is reduced by simply being who we are? Not trying to present ourselves as what we think others expect us to be! It may seem scary to live life with a “warts and all” approach, but within that humility lies the sincerity on which true connection is formed. Being human is not meant to be spectacular on a daily basis. A magician uses misdirection to fool the audience. As the audience, we are amazed whilst also knowing we’re being fooled. That’s the entertainment of magic. Our lives, however, are not entertainment.

The Work

Work is defined as an “activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result,” or “a task or tasks to be undertaken; something a person or thing has to do.” Strategies may help improve the efficiency of something. Choice, however, is the only thing that can improve someone. Responsibility can be a burden or an honor. Choice, again, is what will dictate our perspective. If we choose to aim to be better people, there is no way our work will suffer.

The Essence of Acquiescence

If we choose to believe that we are obedient or faithful to the people we love and/or the places we work because we simply abide by what we’re told to do, we fail to see that this a lie of the ego. This stance keeps us off the hook from any responsibility, giving us the freedom to complain about all the things we’re being asked or told what to do. If we are unable to control the words that come out of our mouths, or the actions and behaviors we choose – we are not servants of others, we are slaves to our egos. Despite popular belief, our egos are not the exemplars of confidence; they are the lobbyists of our insecurities.


Provisions are “actions of providing or supplying something for use.”

Provisionary¬†means something that’s “tentatively accepted or adopted.”

Visionaries are persons with original ideas about what the future will or could be like.

Visionaries make provisions that are provisionary. 

We can play life like a game of chess, thinking several moves ahead. We have the ability to see beyond what’s right in front of us and consider multiple outcomes for the purpose of minimizing losses or maximizing gains. This is preparation.

However, we cannot afford to allow our egos to become tied down or overly attached to good ideas. We will always lose if we see our preparation as either the final outcome or guaranteeing an outcome we desire. Preparation, no matter how well executed, does not guarantee us anything. Look to nature for proof. The most masterful provisionary measures are no match for tidal waves and tornadoes.