Two Tasks for Friday

  1. Consider one past failing or misfortune that upon reflection ended up being crucial to your current development.
  2. Make peace with the frustration and pain attached to the past experience, and replace it with gratitude.

For all the pain we live through, we’ll never know the pain we’ve been spared.

Future Truths

Remember back to when you were a child and think about the first career you wanted to pursue: Firefighter, Professional Athlete, Astronaut, Doctor, Rock Star, Super Hero. Luckily, we’re not bound to initial aspirations we spoke as babes. Times change. Aspirations change. People change. Let’s not get too caught up in the things we’ve said, things others have said, things others have written or even done. Let’s focus on what we can control and want to achieve here and now. Future truths are not realized in wishes.

An Idea about Ideas

Values are personal. Ideas are universal. A good idea can be uttered by anyone, even someone who is morally bankrupt. Once an idea escapes the lips, it becomes the worlds. It’s up to us to be able to separate the idea from the individual. Don’t waste a universally good idea solely for the purpose that it was birthed from the mind a universally bad person. Continue to focus on making good ideas into great actions.

The Comma of Well-being

Pausing to take a breath before leaping into action and pausing to take a moment to ponder before reacting are commas, punctuating moments to save us from anxiety and frustration.

Peace with Din

A “wellness practice” that can only be practiced in solitude, far removed from any external distraction, is not designed for realistic long-term outcomes. May our minds become aware and accept that the sacred space we need to follow our reasoned choice is amidst the chaos that is our daily grind.

Lying in a Mine Field

Truth is the straight line between two points. A clear path with a clear destination. Lying to others or yourself is a surefire way to pepper mines on your path, bringing fear with you as you tiptoe in zig-zag fashion down your path, burdened by the fact that failing to remember where you placed all the mines carries dire consequences.