The Infinite Finite

Nowhere is it written that we have to love each moment. Reality dictates that we most definitely won’t love each moment. What’s most important is to be sure we always aim to live each moment. They are finite for us all. There is no data to suggest otherwise.

Winged Responsibility

If offered a position that carries the weight of responsibility your current talents are not yet strong enough to uphold, do not waste time worrying about weakness – get stronger, faster. People are relying on you. You can’t wing responsibility, especially if you chose to accept the position being offered. As you’re getting stronger, your greatest strength is humility, ownership and taking responsibility for what you know are your areas of weakness.

Feel Around

We all have blind spots. When searching for a path forward, may we use our resourcefulness to get a better sense of our surroundings. In the darkness, what our heads might first perceive as a dead end, may actually be a door. Feel around!

To Failure and Beyond

When working out, we know what it feels like to work to failure, where the thought of one more rep feels like it may kill us, when in reality we know that it’s our thoughts that fail us more often than our bodies do. If we experience that point of failure with our bodies in the moment, we know that tomorrow we’ll be back. We know this because after a five minute break, when our breath and composure return to normal, we know we could do one more rep right then and there if needed. If we approach our mental efforts and daily work with the same mindset, we can push to failure and beyond.