Show Yourself

There are some wonderful definitions of Authentic. It’s defined as “being of undisputed origin; genuine,” philosophically as “relating to or denoting an emotionally appropriate, significant, purposive, and responsible mode of human life,” and Merriam-Webster’s version “worthy of acceptance or belief as conforming to or based on fact.”

Combine that into in the following: “Humans that live true to their undisputed origins by demonstrating an emotionally appropriate, significant, purposive and responsible way of showing the world they are worthy of love and belonging.”

If we chose to show up like this today, what would it look like? Show yourself!

Taking the 1st Pitch

If we find that our initial behavioral responses are often fueled by emotional reactivity, and that time and time again the outcomes average on the negative, perhaps we can learn something from the baseball strategy of taking the first pitch. If we can reprogram ourselves to take a beat before reacting in order to be able to observe what’s coming at us, we can increase the likelihood that how we then choose to react is based on what’s actually needed in the moment. To have instincts is human…and animal. To have instincts and the ability to think and feel beyond them is humane.


Aξία or axia means value, price or worth.

Here is a link to an article about the “20 of the Best Things You Can Buy for a Dollar.”

This is a quick rundown:

  1. A web domain name
  2. A cup of coffee
  3. A song on iTunes
  4. Hair Accessories
  5. Razor blades
  6. Mascara
  7. A pair of scissors
  8. Lottery scratch offs
  9. A Megabus ticket
  10. Temporary Tattoos
  11. Ten meals for Hungry Children
  12. Bubbles
  13. Lipstick
  14. Penny stocks
  15. Lunch
  16. Beer
  17. Books
  18. Bracelet
  19. Address change
  20. App store game

Looking at this list is a good indicator of what people value or what something is worth versus what something costs. For example: Bubbles cost the same as a song!!! Here is another link. This article is about how much it costs for a major label artist to produce one song. Spoiler alert: it can be over $1 million, and that doesn’t guarantee that it will be a hit. BUT, you’ll be able to purchase it for $.99.

A scratch off ticket may only cost a $1, but may be worth millions or nothing at all. A book can be a life-changing investment or someone’s favorite escape. With $1, we can choose to between feeding our vanity, ourselves, or ten hungry children. This is not intended to be a guilt trip, but a sobering reminder that value and worth are not indicated by a price tag. May we consider this the next time we ponder an extravagant purchase. If we know how much discrepancy there is when $1 is being spent, what are the comparables when something costs $10, $100, or $1000?

Focused or Diffused

“Will the moon come tonight – be alright to discover – that its light is the sun’s – will it run?”

Who/what is responsible for the light we cast? Is it our bodies or our minds? Is it our choices or our reasoned choice that governs us?

Ponder all we may, what remains is this reality: Today we have choices to make, work to do, and life to live.

Cameras have focusing rings to sharpen what the camera eye sees. Flashlights have adjustable heads that have the ability to create a narrow, focused beam or cast a more diffused, washed light. A nozzle on a hose grants the ability to control not only the pressure, but how the water stream is disbursed. Similarly, when we focus our choices to consider only what is within our control, our decisions have the greatest impact. When we diffuse our choices by trying to control what we cannot, things become blurry, our vision is diffused, and the strength of our abilities becomes weakened by disbursement.



When we are down in the depths, we have to realize that getting back to the surface – back to being ourselves – requires patience and time. The awareness of how deep we are is simply the understanding of how deep a breath we need to take in order to start the upward journey. We’ve been down here before, so we already know we have the lung capacity to make it back to the surface. Inhale and move.


Permission comes from the Latin root permittere, which means to “let pass, let go or let loose.”

Ironically, we tend to give more permission to the things we hold onto rather than the things we’d be better off letting go.