The Perspective of Certainty

To tell a toddler that their heart only possesses so many beats, and it’s best not to waste more energy than necessary on tantrums would not land with any recognition of reason. Sadly, the same message is lost on most adults, even when we know better. We bear the burden of reason having dawned on us and yet routinely make it worse by missing the point of what that means, and choosing not to live by means that will better change what we know is certain.

Enter at Your Own Purpose

Before you go all-in, make sure what you’re entering into is wanting for the energy you are about to give. If not, disappointment awaits. Matching energy is sometimes what’s required. It’s not weak to pull-back when there are obvious signs that’s the right move. Sometimes our purpose is to be what a situation needs, not what we want it to be.

Heart and Reason

There is little good to mine in having to or wanting to do something, be something, or feel something. These are impulses that stray from owning moments. Have heart and have reason – these are not impulses, they are principles.

Brake for Breaking

It’s best to know if your brakes work before you need them to. Take the time each day to run diagnostics: Am I eating enough? Am I sleeping enough? Am I acting in alignment with my principles? Am I laughing enough? Am I spending enough time with the people I love? Am I being creative?

No one else can take this time for you. You are your own mechanic; be a trustworthy one.

The Next in Line of Knowing

Instead of instinctively feeling the impulse to inform, consider asking someone, “tell me more.” The only thing we tend to learn from our own words is how to remove our feet from our mouths. There is great excitement in not knowing because there is the anticipation of being in the position of about to know more.