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Optimists are hopeful, positive and confident about the future until there’s disappointment. Disappointment doesn’t turn an optimist into a pessimist, however, in the moments the bright ideals they forecasted don’t match their expectations, there is disappointment. Learning to master our minds to understand that our minds are all we own is the key to eternal optimism, for we can never be disappointed when no external factors control our minds.

Deep Tissue

Sometimes our pain is way below the surface, but radiates through our bodies well beyond its source. In these cases, additional pain is necessary in order to heal the pain. Applying direct pressure to the source is the first step in releasing the pain. That’s the reality of healing. That’s sometimes the nature of how we get better.

Supply & Demand

Not all mistakes are synonymous with wrongdoing – they can be innocent. When ignorance is the culprit, the good news is that knowledge and understanding is an antidote with endless supply. Sadly, however, it’s not always in demand.

Mind the Apps

Wanting less frees up mental space to do more. Unnecessary desires and wishes are distractions akin to apps we choose to keep open instead of closing out when not in use. They drain our battery life, but we are unaware of their direct negative impact because they aren’t directly in front of us. They are out of sight, but not out of mind.