Learning Attenuation

The truth of learning is not to know more, but rather learn more about what’s truly important and doing right by those things. Clarity is acting with intention only after we’ve successfully cleared away the clutter. The more we know, the simpler life should be; not the reverse.

The Plague of Popularity

We tend to do least of what we know we should do most: Sleep, exercise, read, love, learn, be. Instead we tend to work, worry, wallow, blame, binge and chill. We are what we do and what’s popular to do is not what’s best for anyone, especially ourselves.

For Jobs, In Life

Hire the person – not the resume. The resume may earn someone the interview, but it’s up to the interviewer to discern the character of the person in front of them. Same goes for life. Don’t be impressed by anything other than the behavior. Behavior patterns sum up character more than any prior achievement or accomplishment.

Teachable Moments

You are standing at a picket fence watching an event unfold. A child walks up to you that is too short to see what’s transpiring. At first, you begin to describe what you see. After some commentary, you decide to put the child on your shoulders so they can see too. A week later, almost like deja vu, the same thing happens again. This goes on for several weeks. At what point does the child learn to a bring box to stand on?

Dwelling or Preparation

Knowing when to make a move is knowing when the game is lost. When you are able to see both sides of the game, you’ll never lose, for you’ve no longer given any more thought than necessary to the loss in front of you because you’re too busy moving forward. The only way to lose is to overthink what’s already been lost. That’s not preparation – that’s dwelling.

Stop Watch(ing)

Wouldn’t it be foolish to think that time stopped because our watch battery died? Yet, how many times have our choices been the equivalent? How many times have we fooled ourselves into believing that time stopped because we didn’t feel like doing anything more with our time on a given day? We can choose not to bother to look at a watch that doesn’t work; we can attempt to not look at the time. But we know better – the question becomes: Why does that knowledge not equate do doing better?

Self-guidance Counselor

There is no one to blame other than yourself for the choices you didn’t make. In the past, if you chose to ignore the internal voice that was steering you in the right direction, take the wheel now. Even if the results of your childhood insecurities are still painfully present in your life, take the wheel now. Time is running out. The relativity of this absolute truth is individual, and what individual knows what you want more than you? Make good with your time, because it’s the only time you have left.