Time Tellers

If you’ve ever witnessed a gifted person use an exceptional talent in an underwhelming way on a regular basis, we might refer to this phenomenon as a waste of talent. We are all skilled enough time tellers to know that time is not a renewable resource and yet how often do we take that for granted? Such a wasted talent to leave so much time spent without purpose. We are hardwired to lead meaningful lives. Make haste!

The Aging Second

In this very moment, we are the oldest we’ve ever been; this fact remains with every passing second. Do whatever necessary to also get wiser with every tick of the clock. No harm can come to us for doing so.

Born into the Unknown

We are inclined to learn about the things we feel aligned with or interested in. May we also take equal time to learn about why we are adverse to other things, and listen closely to those that we are misaligned with.

Beliefs stem from experiences and environments. None have chosen where to be born, or whom to be born to. This may shape us, but our values are dictated by what we choose to think after we’ve learned to know better. Our behaviors dictate how open we are in the present to learning more about all we have yet to learn, opposed to preaching to others what the past has already taught.


Most sound thoughts are sound because they’ve been thought before, mulled over and reframed. Originality is a byproduct of intellectual overlap. Spend no time worrying about being original in thought – for thoughts are nothing unique. Instead, spend time being creative in your approach to right action and people will think uniquely about what you do, and be influenced to change their thoughts followed by their minds.

Outliers vs. Exemplars

An outlier is defined as: “a person or thing situated away or detached from the main body or system, or a person or thing differing from all other members of a particular group or set.”

An exemplar is defined as “a person or thing serving as a typical example or excellent model.”

Outliers and exemplars tend to be a thorn in research data’s side. However, outliers that are simultaneously exemplars are often granted a uniqueness of being that makes them seem “something more.” Instead of them being seen as a standard of excellence that we all can strive to achieve, they are given special status that puts their achievements a little too out of reach for most, and therefore let the rest of us off the hook for aspiring to be better. Let us not ignore the main ingredients of greatness: Behavior and Action. Talent, genius and/or luck can certainly play a part, but we remember those who take talent, genius and/or luck and back it up with right action and appropriate behavior. We all have control over our behaviors and actions. We too can apply that to getting stronger, smarter, wealthier, healthier and wiser. When we do that on a daily basis, we create luck by design. That’s exemplary!


Standing ovations are seen as the pinnacle of appreciation. If you are the recipient of such acclamation, but are unable to see or hear, does the appreciation translate? Conversely, what if you are in the audience and lack the ability to stand or applaud. Does that negate the depths of the appreciation you might feel in that moment?

All too often, we get caught up in the lie that our senses are the only accurate receptors of how and what we feel. There’s something more to us in the cellar of our souls.

I Before Me, Except After See

The paradoxical foresight mantra of the day: I aspire to be a servant leader and truly give my all in service of others, which means that included in my giving must also be taking moments for myself. If I refuse to include self-care in my pursuit, I am certain I will be unable to see my aspirations come to fruition.