Nonpareil Splendor

It may take great time to fully understand that true happiness is not a comparative measure, and in that moment we also fully understand that it’s been in our control the entire time. This achievement is opulence personified. May we live today showing what we know and by doing so increase the wealth of all we encounter through demonstration.

Two Tasks for Friday

  1. Consider one past failing or misfortune that upon reflection ended up being crucial to your current development.
  2. Make peace with the frustration and pain attached to the past experience, and replace it with gratitude.

For all the pain we live through, we’ll never know the pain we’ve been spared.

Joy is not a Laughing Matter

The amount of teeth we display when we smile is not an accurate measure of joy. Joy is not gregariousness. Joy is not vivaciousness. Joy is not measured in the heartiness of our laughs. Joy is not superficial.

Joy is a deep feeling – not a behavior. Joy is a profound awareness of our raw gratitude. It’s not written in our faces, it’s a grounding force.

Such is Life, Such a Gift

Alas, when we reach the summit of the highest peak, there’s a brief moment of exaltation, closely followed by a crushing dose of perspective in the form of a 360-degree reveal stretching miles in every direction of all the other mountains we’ve yet to climb. Then, reality dawns in form in our inevitable descent, during which time we get to ponder the next mountain we’ve identified to climb. Such is life – Such a gift.

The Infinite Finite

Nowhere is it written that we have to love each moment. Reality dictates that we most definitely won’t love each moment. What’s most important is to be sure we always aim to live each moment. They are finite for us all. There is no data to suggest otherwise.