When we are down in the depths, we have to realize that getting back to the surface – back to being ourselves – requires patience and time. The awareness of how deep we are is simply the understanding of how deep a breath we need to take in order to start the upward journey. We’ve been down here before, so we already know we have the lung capacity to make it back to the surface. Inhale and move.


Permission comes from the Latin root¬†permittere, which means to “let pass, let go or let loose.”

Ironically, we tend to give more permission to the things we hold onto rather than the things we’d be better off letting go.

The Larceny Rescue

If we are not first responders or persons paid to save lives because we are trained to save lives, what then is our intention when we aim to save others from difficult situations that are by no means life threatening? The rescue is about what makes us feel good, which robs the other person/persons from the opportunity to learn from a mistake or difficult situation to navigate. “What are we rescuing?” becomes the question more than, “Who are we rescuing?” In these instances, we are giving first aid to our insecurities, giving them CPR and resuscitating them so they may live to see another day.¬† Nobody mourns the death of an insecurity. Fear mourns the death of insecurity.