Brake for Breaking

It’s best to know if your brakes work before you need them to. Take the time each day to run diagnostics: Am I eating enough? Am I sleeping enough? Am I acting in alignment with my principles? Am I laughing enough? Am I spending enough time with the people I love? Am I being creative?

No one else can take this time for you. You are your own mechanic; be a trustworthy one.

The Next in Line of Knowing

Instead of instinctively feeling the impulse to inform, consider asking someone, “tell me more.” The only thing we tend to learn from our own words is how to remove our feet from our mouths. There is great excitement in not knowing because there is the anticipation of being in the position of about to know more.


Be on the level. Put in the work as your method to getting the desired results. Even when you’ve prepared, accept when you’re defeated – learn from it and move on. Repeat.

Routinely Executing Practice Strategies = Regularly Enhancing Performance Skills

Put in the R.E.P.S.

Time: No Returns or Exchanges

We budget expenses, but how often do we budget our values? The most expensive risk is not taking the time to consider acting in favor of our values. We’ll find that when we examine what we find most important in life, the value has no cost when we honor it. When we ignore it, the expense is regret. Budget time towards what you value – your hours are non-refundable.

Perspective is Lighter than Baggage

Our past will always project onto our future unless we reflect upon it. When we reflect upon what has happened, that reflection is what keeps our past in the past. It acts as a shield, thus allowing us to move forward without the baggage but carrying only perspective instead. Perspective is lighter than baggage!

Resume, Restart

Life always moves forward. However, that doesn’t mean that when we fall off our routines that we are unable to restart at any given moment. We don’t have to wait for Mondays or New Year’s Day: Restart when necessary! We can learn from our computers in this example. Sometimes when they aren’t working correctly, a simple reboot fixes the glitches. If artificial intelligence requires this periodically, we’d be foolish to believe we can ignore this step in our lives.

Truth Beauty

To paraphrase Keats, truth is the only beauty we need to understand in life. We know that the truth is often called ugly more than beautiful because our daily world can seem more awful than good. Challenge yourself today to be an observer of all that is actually happening around you (not to you), and see all the micro-interactions that truly make up a “normal” day. You will see more pleasantness than hatred, more kindness than rudeness, more laughter than tears. The ugly truth is that way because we choose to see it that way, in order to allow our behavior to justify our reactions, which are equally ugly as this perceived truth. The actual truth simply is, and that is simply beautiful.

Word Hard, Fail Hard

If you intend to have pride in yourself for working hard, you must also prepare your pride for the times when you will fail hard. It’s inevitable. Embrace it!