Water Ski Life

If one knows how to water ski, they would surely choose to ski behind the boat rather than choose to fall and let the boat drag them along.  Same with life. We know how to live well, so why ever choose to let events in life drag us down or drag us along so that we are at the mercy of poor choices?

Stoke Stoically

Just as we learned to avoid being burned by learning not to touch fire, so too should we learn not to stoke our anger with what we know will provoke it. Nobody is considered weak for not being able to hold fire, yet we foolishly believe that we are considered strong for holding onto what angers us. Avoiding anger is a strength.

Everything or Nothing

Living through terrifying moments will do one of the two things: completely transform your appreciation of life or nothing at all. Events alone won’t change a mind – a person has to choose to change one’s outlook.

Winter is Coming…

Snowfall in a desert braces its inhabitants for the unexpected. Otherwise, it’s part of the season. May we see all the obvious in life as such and take it in stride. May we meet all the unexpected in life as a new experience to learn from.

The Trophy Life

Awards mark a moment. They will never negate the triumph experienced in a moment, even if that moment is the span of a career. However, what can be negated are all the perspectives of those who once cheered, based on how you choose to behave after the celebrated moments end.