The Prejudice Shovel

Horizon is defined as both “the line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet,” and “the limit of a person’s mental perception, experience, or interest.”

Both refer to appearance and perception. When it comes to situations, we often tend to think that the surface doesn’t give us enough information to make an informed judgement. However, how often do we use prejudice, preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience, as a means of digging beneath the surface to draw conclusions that are based on more than what we actually see? How often do we fool ourselves into thinking that thinking deeply about what we assume is a measure of wisdom? In reality, do we dig up the truth, or dig ourselves holes that impede our vision?

We can easily connect with the truth of a given moment if we simple stay in the moment.

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Aspiring Stoic and Doting Father

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