The Origin of the Parent Story

The word parent comes from the Latin word parere which means “to bring forth.” The dictionary definition of parent offers some interesting insight. Parent is initially defined as “a father or mother,” but has additional definitions of “an animal or plant from which younger ones are derived” and “a source or origin of a smaller or less important part.” What’s interesting here is that the definition speaks only to a “parent” as being responsible for another “things” origin – it doesn’t at all speak about what we commonly think of as parenting, or the actions associated with what it means to be a responsible care taker for what has been brought forth. 

With that in mind, although we do not choose our individual origins, we’re fortunate that there’s infinite wisdom available to us in the world – all we have to do is choose to seek it out. Much like in the comics, it’s up to us to determine if our origin stories turn us into heroes or villains.

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