Children’s Music

What do The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Ramones, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, and Nirvana all share in common? Well, for starters, anyone reading this has probably heard of these bands. Secondly, they are an example of some of the world’s most influential bands that shaped music through multiple generations. Another, less talked about fact, is that when all of these bands released their debut albums, they were basically children. Paul McCartney was 21 when Twist & Shout was released in 1963. Robert Plant was 21 when Led Zeppelin was released in 1969. Joey Ramone was 26 when Ramones was released in 1977.  James Hetfield was 20 when Kill ‘Em All came out in 1981. Axl Rose was 25 when Appetite for Destruction was released in 1987. Kurt Cobain was 24 when Nevermind came out in 1991 (22 when Bleach was released).  

There are obviously more bands that can be listed here, but these bands serve as a humbling snapshot. Some of these bands and artists are still going and continue to put out music today, and this point is intended with no disrespect to their current music. If you’re in your twenties right now, you may not feel like a child, but give it twenty years. The purpose is to highlight how the music and lyrics that speak to us daily on such profound levels are often the creative products of incredibly young minds. Perspective is reflecting on mileage over time.

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