Parallel Yets

Extreme beliefs and opposing ideas are well-represented by parallel lines. They will continuously have the same distance between them. Yet, for two lines to abide by the rules of what it means to be parallel, they must share and hold firm to their belief that they will never change their ways. The distance between these lines must remain the same, yet the amount of equal space can be either immense or miniscule. The space between is predetermined.

The lines can choose to begin their journey where by screaming would be the only way for the lines to communicate with each other. It’s exhausting and draining and the lines run the risk of losing their voices. Yet, they can also choose to begin an arm’s length apart, where whispers would suffice in speaking all their truths about why they can never meet, yet knowing that although they may never be able to embrace each other, they find comfort in their closeness and of being the same…yet different.

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Aspiring Stoic and Doting Father

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