Focused or Diffused

“Will the moon come tonight – be alright to discover – that its light is the sun’s – will it run?”

Who/what is responsible for the light we cast? Is it our bodies or our minds? Is it our choices or our reasoned choice that governs us?

Ponder all we may, what remains is this reality: Today we have choices to make, work to do, and life to live.

Cameras have focusing rings to sharpen what the camera eye sees. Flashlights have adjustable heads that have the ability to create a narrow, focused beam or cast a more diffused, washed light. A nozzle on a hose grants the ability to control not only the pressure, but how the water stream is disbursed. Similarly, when we focus our choices to consider only what is within our control, our decisions have the greatest impact. When we diffuse our choices by trying to control what we cannot, things become blurry, our vision is diffused, and the strength of our abilities becomes weakened by disbursement.


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Aspiring Stoic and Doting Father

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