Scene Elevator

Mediocre is defined as “of only moderate quality; not very good.” Synonyms include: ordinary, common, average, adequate, passable, and tolerable. Is this a word we would proudly use to describe our lives? Is mediocrity ever something to strive for? Would we encourage our children to aim for adequacy?

Statistically, if at the end of our lives we were to look back on all our days, surely ordinary days would be the average. However, that doesn’t mean that knowing this should make us not want to push each day towards something more.

Our scenes, the people we spend a majority of our time with, are also the people who inform us of who we are. So the question becomes, “Is it growth or regression to develop tolerance for mediocrity?” Furthermore, if we feel we know the answer, and are choosing to do nothing about it, look inward before lashing out at present company.

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Aspiring Stoic and Doting Father

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