Wake it off

When we are feeling under the weather, we often do our best to sleep as much as possible. Rest is restorative and so our hope is to wake up feeling better than we did. We try to avoid feeling poorly by being unconscious. When we are unable to get rest when we are ailing, we tend to make waking resolutions about taking better care of ourselves in the future to avoid the awfulness of feeling unwell. Why? Because being healthy simply feels better than being sick. It’s logical and therefore we want this! We will also find that this logic applies to temptations.

In this way, a common cold is no different from a hangover, or over-indulging a sweet tooth, a shopping spree, binge-watching, binge-gaming, etc. We are just very good at rationalizing that the point that we “catch a cold.” Anyone who has ever played catch knows that if the incoming ball suddenly morphed mid-air into a burden, logic would avoid catching it and choose to swat it to the ground instead.

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Aspiring Stoic and Doting Father

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