Ledger is defined as “a book or other collection of financial accounts of a particular type.” We’re all likely familiar with this definition. However, it can also mean “a horizontal scaffolding pole,” or “a flat stone slab covering a grave.” The latter is sometimes referred to as a ledger stone or ledgerstone, which is usually found on the floor of churches with inscriptions about the deceased.

What’s interesting about the word “ledger” is that the essence of stoicism lies within all three of its definitions. To live stoically is to support (scaffold) our days by taking stock of what’s important in our lives and keeping our affairs in order, because we never know when the debt we all pay will come due.

We live soundly when we leave our days without loose ends. We sleep soundly when we are unburdened – when we leave nothing but rest undone. No pillow can support a head that carries the weight of the world.

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Aspiring Stoic and Doting Father

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