The Me in Metamorphic

When we hear the word, metamorphosis, we usually think of a cocoon, and the process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. We see it as a beautiful transformation. What we often miss is that although that magnificent change is complete, it’s still day one as a butterfly. There’s still learning to be done as the butterfly adjusts to its new life. The change is not the final step, but the first step of a new life. Does the butterfly mourn the loss of its former self, or simply move forward, knowing that going back is not an option? Does it realize that going back to the drawing board in this case means drawing up an entirely new design? An entirely new playbook? An entirely new path?

When we have transformative experiences, we often continue to dwell on the past, or continually examine the impetus of the metamorphosis, more than we choose to figure out what else we must leave behind in order to move forward. It’s important to consider what needs to be subtracted, however, it’s for more powerful and productive to consider what we will now add to our lives in order to create a stable foundation for this new way of being. Either you’ve changed or everything else has, but in a moment’s time, it was most likely you! That’s far easier to accept because you have control of you – you are the “me” in your metamorphosis. Onward!

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Aspiring Stoic and Doting Father

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