The Steady Work of Progress

Peace is the steady work of progress. Happiness is not absence of chaos. It’s being at peace amongst the chaos. This takes work, and it’s not easy. Failure is the enemy you keep closest. Doing so allows you to become best of friends. You know Failure intimately, and it knows you! Not only does it know you, Failure has come to admire you, because it’s your greatest rival, but has never bested you despite its winning record. In fact, you probably lose to Failure about 70% of the time. But here’s the secret that Failure doesn’t want you to learn: if you keep learning from your mistakes, the season is never over. You’re always a wild card contender. Failure is a process of elimination that simply clears the path forward for you. The irony is that Failure failed at defining itself. It’s not the lack of success – it’s the lack of finding success at present. Success is finally finding what works for you, and it’s not sustainable based on a single triumph. It’s a life cycle. Success is actually a death knell, tolling the reality that a new challenge is ahead.

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Aspiring Stoic and Doting Father

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