Getting Clear on Clarity

Clarity. We often simplify clarity as being something that’s clearly visible or understandable. What we often miss the important fact that clarity is actually defined as the “quality of being clear.” Quality is “the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.” Quality is a degree of excellence! So clarity is really the excellence within how we see things.

If I’m in New York and call some friends in California this morning to describe the sunrise, and they look out their windows looking to see what I see, they lack clarity on the relativity of sunrises. In truth, sunrises are a misnomer. The sun doesn’t rise at all. It just appears to us as it does based on the earth’s position in relation to the sun and where we are located in relation to that. It’s all relative. We often intentionally miss such obvious things because we feel it somehow makes our lives easier when we do so. We choose to stay in the dark.

Enlightenment requires an action to become enlightened. We can choose to stand still and be enlightened only when the light finds us, but this is akin to a broken watch being right twice a day. We have to get clarity on the reality that the sun is shining somewhere.

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