Relatable Theory of Relativity

Michael Jackson’s Thriller has sold 47 million copies worldwide officially, with other sources suggesting it’s somewhere between 66 million and upwards of 120 million unofficially. Whatever the number, there is no disputing that Michael Jackson was/is world-famous. But let’s examine those numbers for a moment. The current world population is estimated at 7.2 billion, which simply means that there are statistically far more people who have likely never even heard of Michael Jackson. Fame is relative, even when you’re world famous.

The point is here is that regardless of the topic at hand, the reality is that there’s always going to be more unknowns than what’s known. The smartest person in the world knows very little in relation to all there is to know. We humans lack that capacity, which is a good thing! Because, what we don’t lack, is the possibility to gain perspective. Perspective isn’t tied to anything more than how you are able to look at something. Perspective defies intellect. There are plenty of people who think or believe they are geniuses, icons, etc. However, the reality is that they are lying to themselves.

We lie to ourselves on a daily basis in order to rationalize our behaviors and actions. What’s interesting is that when you find yourself doing the right thing, simply because it’s the right thing to do, there’s no need to rationalize anything. It just is.

When we accept that Truth will always be weighed on a scale heavily tipped in favor of the unknown, our lives are simplified. Sometimes balance isn’t visual. Balance in this case is conceptual. Balance is seeing the imbalance, and choosing not to obsess over balancing what’s impossible. What we know will never balance out to the things we don’t know. Balance is found in the acceptance of that truth.

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