Existential Extraterrestrial

If aliens landed on earth today, coming in peace, and armed with only the gift of truth – the ability to answer the most profound existential questions – providing solutions to the universe’s greatest mysteries – would we want to know?

What would be the ramifications of learning such information? Would it create peace or chaos? For example, if one of these peaceful alien truth bombs told us that there is, in fact, no such thing as God, what would that do to our world’s religions? Would there be acceptance of this truth, bringing about a newfound harmony, or would people continue to have faith in their belief systems? Would we still remain separated by what we believe, even though we given the absolute truth? Truth being something we humans tend to seek as the most valuable treasure.

If scientists discovered today that a meteor was earthbound and in two weeks time will without a doubt collide, dooming our planet with the same fate Alderaan experienced witnessing the awesome power of the Death Star, would the public be made aware? How would the world react to knowing that the end is truly nigh? Would it be a beautiful time of collective peace, or utter chaos? Would people allow their basest instincts to rule, knowing that earthly consequences were irrelevant? Or, would we all stop working and truly appreciate and be grateful for the time we had left?

Absolute truth, truly knowing, can be a great burden to bear.


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Aspiring Stoic and Doting Father

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