The Virtue of Support

A good person may be bad at their work. They will never get better if we continually judge the goodness of their being over their quality of work. Being virtuous doesn’t mean tolerating weakness – it means supporting those that need help where they need it most.

Balance of the Unknown

If you’re about to embark on a new endeavor or are experiencing something for the first time, there is no logical need for worry or stress. We cannot truly be worried or stressed about the unknown, for we don’t truly know what it is to be worried or stressed about other than the unknown itself. If we fear the unknown, at the same time, we must also equally and oppositely be excited about it. We can choose to see both sides and therefore remain balanced throughout the process.

The Karma Wheels on the Bus

If your instinct is to first throw yourself under the bus before anyone else, the likelihood of a helping hand being there to pull you out of the wreckage increases tenfold.

The New Standard

Live your best day today and strive to make it the new standard opposed to the exception. Do this through daily practice and reflection. Do not compare yourself to anyone. Do not hold your behaviors above anyone. Do not fool yourself that anyone has it better when you don’t know the depths of their souls. Do not wish to inherit anyone’s baggage without knowing the contents, fooling yourself by focusing only on spoils that spoil. Wisdom, character and kindness never rot. Do good!

Humility: Endless ROI

Make other people feel better as a result of being in your presence. There is no downside to this approach. Expect nothing in return. The gift of humility is received without expectation, and yet the rewards are endless.

The “I” in Team is Interconnection

Whether our individual behavior has ever gone to the worst of our human capacity or not, as humans, we are all part of the same team. Like all teams, we lose as a team and win as a team. Keep this in mind when watching the news, casting judgment or placing blame.